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decieved me right from the start

Hinamori Momo
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Character Name and Series/Original Character: Hinamori Momo/Bleach

Name in Role Play: Hinamori Momo

Race/Ethnicity: Werewolf/Japanese

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexuality: AIZENSEXUAL- straight.

Appearance: Standing at about 4'11 and weighing 86 pounds, Hinamori is not exactly the most imposing figure you would ever meet. She has back-length black hair, and she usually wears a Newsie hat. She has a cute, girlish face with rather boyish eyebrows and large brown eyes. She prefers to dress in slightly boyish clothes, as well. Due to her less than ample build, one could probably mistake her for a boy at first glance.

In animal form, she looks like a regular black wolf. In beast form, she's smaller and less muscular than the average werewolf, although she doesn't lack any of the punch.

Personality: Incredibly affable, Hinamori tends to make friends very quickly and easily, and she's not averse to some light teasing. She is fairly cheerful and optimistic, and tends to enjoy peace and quiet, although she is quick to stand up to any injustice. Lying is something that she doesn't do well, if at all, and when she does it's usually to keep people from worrying about her. She pushes herself to the limit in all that she does, and tends to worry if she's not doing well at it. At first glance, she seems quite innocent and, well, nice, but she does have a dark side. When angered, she will attack anything that gets between her and the perpetrator, even if she's been good friends with them for a long time. A bit of a stubborn streak and unwavering determination also figure big in her personality.

Abilities/Weaponry: Apart from her were abilities, Hinamori regularly carries a flamethrower with her. She's also skilled with a katana, and somewhat skilled with unarmed fighting. She is also relatively adept at putting explosives together. Also, she's a rather talented artist.

Weaknesses: Hinamori tends to rush into dangerous situations without thinking or attempting to formulate a strategy. Sometimes, such situations that are too much for her to handle. She also pushes herself much too hard. When she is angry, if any of her friends get in her way she will probably attack them. She is also a bit too trusting: while not completely gullible, if someone she loved lied to her, she'd probably believe them without hesitation. Occasionally, she's a bit forgetful, and she has a tendency toward being late for things and oversleeping.

History: "…Um. I don't really like to talk about that. …but I guess it's necessary in this case. I had a pretty normal family, really. Well, I suppose, anyway. They died when I was very young."

"…well, they were murdered, actually."

"A vampire. I… his name's not important."

"…yes. That's why I became a hunter. So I could find him."

"…thank you, sir. I can find that person on my own."

Organization/Pack/Clan/Guild?: None (formerly a vampire hunter)

boom, flamethrowers, imma firin mah flamethrower, indigo, peaches, plum, topping aizen, vampires, werewolves